Signal Light Column for engine room
Signal Light Column for ER

Signal Light Column in-house developed

Signal Light Column for engine room - Light Signal Alarm System

The signal light column is a mini-PLC based stand-alone, shipborne alarm system to indicate visual and audible alarms according to IMO regulations as well as classification society requirements. Controlled by a central unit the signal light column alarm system can also be adapted to your existing alarm and monitoring logic. The sound generation is based on an innovative microprocessor technology and offers multiple acoustic philosophies with up to 120dB(A) sound level.nim.
made in germany
light signal columnSignal Light Column (Engine Room Alarm Tower)
On one hand visual alarms are indicated by rotating lights or flash lights and on the other hand explicit symbols on triangular indicator are advising the specific alert type. A standard Engine Room Alarm Tower system consists of six, seven or eight alarm indicators (symbols). In case a different amount of alarm indicators is needed, the signal light column alarm system can easily be adapted to your specific requirements.

  • high quality components
  • easy to install
  • shortest delivery time due to modular pre-manufacturing method. Predestined for short-term ship repair projects
  • best price / performance ratio
  • clever commissioning and test features (integrated test mode / lamp test)
  • acoustics delay settings adjustable by user
  • degree of enclosure of all engine room devices: real IP55
  • compact design of control unit
  • only one power supply is needed (230VAC)
  • available system voltages (24VDC, 110VAC, 230VAC)
  • µP controlled dynamic acoustics
  • durable led technology available
  • according to SOLAS/IMO
Element 26600xDNV GL
Standard symbols for triangular lights

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New Light

By developing our new warning light for the Signaling Column
we created some unique advantages.
  • Lower system prices, because only one single light is needed
  • Ability to display 7 different colors and 4 different flash sequences.
  • Low costs for potential spare parts, because of the reduced number of luminaires
  • Better signaling effect thanks to smart lens arrangement and high performance LEDs
  • Lower operating costs result from low power consumption (up to minus 85%) and more flexible system topologies as the overall system power consumption decrease
  • Expanded product life cycle due to advanced LED technology and intelligent control 
  • Different flash sequences allow individual adjustments if there are other devices with a similar flash sequenceIn contrast to conventional filament bulbs, there is no susceptibility to vibration and shock 
  • type approved:
    • DIN EN 60947-1
    • DIN EN 60529
    • IEC 61000-4
    • EN 55011
New Sounder

The MED and EN54-3 certified AGM 410.1.8.2 has been designed to generate alarm sound for various marine applications. The main field of application is the ship´s engine room. An alarm sound will be generated by applying 230VAC to the specific alarm input (CH#1-CH#8) and the enable input. In case more than one alarm sound is activated at the same time, the alarm sound with the higher priority will be generated (CH#1 highest priority, CH#8 lowest priority).

The specific sound characteristic of each alarm input can be modified within a protected service settings menu. The alarm sounds can be chosen from a variety of 64 different maritime sound characteristics. The sounder also includes various smart features, such as a sound soft start for safety at work.

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